Speed District’s Matte Blue M3

We are sure that you know, We like to switch up the look of our car frequently.

Don’t mind the amateur pictures, They were shot used a iPhone 4s and a Canon XTI.  We are looking for a photographer to get some high quality shots of the car! Stay tuned.

The iPhone 4s captures the blue much nicer then the Canon, IMO. We couldn’t capture the “actual” color since it does look slightly different in person. We can’t complain, We love the color.

Let us know what you think.

Quick Fly By at the Track: (20 second mark)

Modifications Pictured:

  • Custom Vinyl Wrap (90210 Wrap)
  • Gintani Carbon Fiber Front Lip, Sideskirts and Rear Diffuser (Addon)
  • JL Motoring Carbon Fiber Hood Vents, BMW Performance Style Spoiler, and Matte Black Tow Hook
  • 18″ Volk TE37 LE (Falken 615K 275/315)
  • Stoptech Trophy BBK

Other Modifications Not Pictured:

  • Gintani Stage 3 Supercharger System
  • Gintani X Pipe with Akrapovic Rear
  • Recaro Pole Positions (with all the Macht Schnell Gear)
  • KWv3 Coilovers
  • Stoptech Trophy BBK
  • Tons of more little things that aren’t worth typing..
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