Our Mission Statement

Speed District is different from the average track organization. Before I could even legally drive, my mind was always behind the wheel. You could say I was born a car enthusiast. So I integrated into the car community as soon as I could, and that’s when I discovered the positives and negatives of track events.

How Track Events Should Be

Track events are supposed to be a safe, awesome, adrenaline-satisfying way to get the most speed out of your car. I’ve seen a lot of friends pass on because of speeding in dangerous environments/canyon runs, so I knew track events were my best option for optimum acceleration. But the more track events I went to, the less I enjoyed my experience. I’ve talked to other car enthusiasts about this and they feel the same way.

Track events could be so much more than they are, but the fact is, the average track event is disappointing. I couldn’t understand why the track was always so congested. It made my experience claustrophobic, I didn’t want to get into an accident, and I knew nobody else did either. As a whole, everyone at the track event couldn’t go as fast as they wanted. And not only that, but sometimes I’d have to stand around for over an hour just to get back on that crowded track. The crowd at these events tended to be aggressive and competitive and all I wanted to do was drive. Paying for timing and photos was just the cherry on top of a gasoline-smothered sundae. Ultimately what I’m trying to say is, it sucked. And that’s why I created my own track event, so everyone can enjoy the quintessential ideal of racing.

Speed District lacks the negative and only promotes the ultimate driving experience. If you want the best drive possible, it’s worth every penny. It is the car enthusiast’s dream track event come to life. While it costs more than the average track event, you’re getting what you deserve.

Speed District Value

Speed District gives you two days' worth of driving on the track as opposed to one. We limit the number of people that are allowed to register for a more exclusive experience. What this means is three driving groups and a less congested track. And if you want to keep this racing memory or share it with others we throw in the $65 CaliPhotography CD and $20 transponder rental. You shouldn’t have to pay for those things, you’re here to have fun.

Because we only want down-to-earth clients, we do not advertise. We all know those pretentious drivers that try to sink our experience. Or the drivers that dive bomb you in a corner just to save .001 of a lap time. Speed District doesn’t have those drivers. We don’t want them, even if they do “know it all”. So at our Speed District track events, you’ll only meet other car enthusiasts who are passionate about the drive, not their ego.

These events are the most fun you can have with your clothes on. We all have nice cars and want to go home without a single scratch on them. My goal is to build the best car community around with the best kind of people. We are driven by passion. I’m sure you are too. Check out one of our events and you’ll drive as you’ve never driven before. I can’t wait for you to try it, you won’t regret it.

All the best,

Josh Shokri