Event Recap: April 14 @ Willow Springs Raceway

Such a great day out. If the wind wasn’t blowing so hard, it would have been the best track day of all year!\


Here are the fastest lap times for the day:

Name Fast Time Group Vehicle
Richard 01:31.346 Advanced 996 Turbo
Cody 01:33.026 Advanced BMW M3
Josh 01:33.452 Advanced M3
Danny 01:34.564 Advanced BMW M3
Sam 01:35.279 Advanced BMW M3
Sean 01:38.285 Intermediate Nissan GT-R
Sam 01:38.421 Advanced 997 Turbo
Arman 01:39.145 Beginner BMW M3 Sedan
Greg 01:39.984 Intermediate Ford Mustang
Jonathan 01:40.222 Advanced BMW M3
David 01:40.588 Intermediate Porsche GT3
Joe 01:40.595 Intermediate Mitsubishi Evolution
Ariel 01:41.080 Intermediate M3
Michael 01:42.965 Intermediate Dodge Challenger SRT 8
Jerry 01:43.383 Intermediate 2006 Mini Cooper JCW
Vic 01:43.632 Intermediate Dodge Challenger SRT8
Victoria 01:46.741 Intermediate Dodge Challenger
David 01:46.817 Intermediate BMW M3
James 01:49.043 Beginner Dodge Challenger
Miguel 01:49.494 Intermediate Chevy Camaro SS
Charles 01:49.806 Beginner BMW M3
Nolan 01:52.481 Beginner Dodge Challenger
Tim 01:53.988 Intermediate Honda S2000
Kelly 01:54.032 Beginner 2006 Dodge Charger Daytona R/T
Alex 01:56.493 Beginner VW Gulf
Jorge 01:56.778 Beginner BMW M3
Julio 02:03.053 Beginner mitsubishi evolution mr


Please click here to view the photos from the day.

Thanks for coming out and making the event a success!

December 1 @ Willow Springs – Registration Open