BMW F10 M5 vs M3 vs 1M vs X6M vs E60 M5

This must have felt like Christmas for the folks at Autobild. Autobild knows what it takes to have a great story and has done a special edition on BMW M models, called “Fascination M.” In this special comparo, Autobild gives an overview of all current BMW M models as well as interesting insights into M GmbH. Most interestingly, Autobild pitted all (yes, all) currently available M models against each other on a German race track named Sachsenring.

The outcome? As you’d expect, the M3 CRT (it’s sold out but more info here) is the fastest M car Autobild has ever tested on Sachsenring as it clocked a 1:38.87 minute laptime (the M3 GTS isn’t available no more). An amazing second place goes to the brand-new F10 M5 sedan which did a very impressive 1:38.90 – only 3 hundredth of a second slower than the M3 CRT.

3rd place went to the 1M coupe which was slightly faster than the M3 Coupe which in turn was slightly faster than the M3 sedan. An M3 convertible lost roughly 2 seconds to the coupe. No surprises about the X6M and X5M as both were roughly equally as fast. What’s remarkable however, is that both are faster than the old E60 M5. See the table below for full lap times.

And while they were at it, Autobild also took lap times for the new M5’s toughest rivals, the Porsche Panamera Turbo S and the Mercedes E63 Performance Pack. The Panamara proved to be even faster, outlapping the M5 by 7 tenth of a second which however, begs the question if that’s enough for the hefty premium Porsche commands over the M5. Even the Performance Package couldn’t help the Merc as it clocked a fairly disappointing 1:40.59.

Long story short, the new F10 M5 continues to impress. And to the German folks around, try to buy a copy of this really entertaining DVD if you have a chance.

Stay tuned for more information on this amazing machine as we get closer to the US market launch next year.

Autobild Shootout Sachsenring lap time
BMW M3 GTS (on semi-slicks) 1:37.30
BMW M3 CRT 1:38.87
BMW F10 M5 (driven by Claudia Hürtgen. Other cars were driven by Autobild drivers) 1:38.90
BMW 1M Coupe 1:40.18
BMW M3 Coupe DCT 1:40.52
BMW M3 Sedan DCT 1:40.60
BMW M3 Convertible DCT 1:42.63
BMW X6 M 1:43.67
BMW X5 M 1:43.72
BMW E60 M5 1:43.77
F10 M5 Competition Sachsenring lap time
Porsche Panamera Turbo S 1:38.13
BMW F10 M5 1:38.90
Mercedes E63 AMG PP 1:40.59


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