Lamborghini Aventador by Street Dreams Detail

Brand new Aventador done as a new car prep, plus about 20hours of correction.

Problems included:

Factory defects
Sand scratches
and the absolute worst of all…. greasy tire shine

After heavy compounding…. note the Aventador paint is one of the hardest clear coats I have polished. The microfiber cutting disc and M105 barely made a dent in the pigtailing and sandscratches, wool pads, surbuf etc. all were used to gain the needed level of correction.

50/50 of the hood, again the cloudiness on the left side has yet to be polished, sand scratches on the hood of a Lamborghini of Ferrari is rare, usually these are seen more commonly on the bumpers and lower door panels.

Refining out some wool compounding haze with M105 and detailersdomain uber yellow pad @ 2100rpm

Some photos of the problem areas and more factory defects

Polishing stage

Dealership applied sludge tire dressing

Properly removed and stripped off 100% before new tire dressing (water based) applied

LSP: Wolfs Body wrap later wiped down with CG V7 because its orange and the cars orange so of course it must add POP!

Finished photos and sun shots

Engine bay detailed as well

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