2013 BMW M6 UK and German Pricing Announced at 20-28% Higher Than F10 M5

The new 2013 BMW coupe (F13) and convertible (F12) have been priced for the German market.

The M6 coupe will start at EUR 123,600 and the convertible at EUR 131,000.

To give other markets an idea of how much the 2013 BMW M6 may be priced, the M6 coupe’s German starting price is 20% higher than the F10 M5, which starts at EUR 102,800.

For a little math fun and speculation, how much might the M6 coupe and convertible cost in the US? Any guess would be very speculative since US pricing for the F10 M5 won’t be announced until the NYIAS in April, but we previously made a calculated guess of $93,000 for the US M5 model.

Applying the same 20% increase for the M6 coupe results in $111,600 for the M6 coupe in the US. (* It’s important to note however that the U.S. market doesn’t just follow other markets and has its own pricing structure. We calculated the US price just for speculative purposes.)

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