I have been out to several of Speed District's events and I gotta say they are by far the best compared to all others.
Josh caps the cars at 50 cars, love getting 2 track days in one day! I can do 3-4 hot laps come in, and go back out right after cool down as much as I want all day long.... The pictures you get from his track days speaks for themselves!

Martin Choi, Los angeles

I've gone out with almost every SoCal tracking group, Speed District stands out from the rest. There's always a great group of friendly enthusiasts with a range of all skill levels which provides a environment to hone your skill. A maximum of 50 cars, thats usually the amount in 1 run group with the other track event coordinators. This provides a safe and fun experience. I go to every Speed District Event and I'm looking forward to the next!
Sam Russo, Los Angeles

The only track event were traffic is the least of your concerns. Much better compared to other companies!
Josh Parzi, los ángeles

What an awesome track day did around 40 laps with volintarily skipping one of my sessions mid-day. Can't wait for the next one. THANKS JOSH!!!
Danny D, NOHO

Dec. 1 was my 1st big track event, It was fun, well organized and more importantly safe.. Looking forward to the upcoming events.. Thanks for the experience. Ü
Randy Paray, United States

Josh runs a great event. It's well organized, open and friendly. I got more than my money's worth in track time, and the instruction was worth double what I paid. Also, the photography was awesome (see everyone's picture here for reference). I had a blast! Looking forward to Speed District's next event, as they're the only track day's I'll be attending. Cheers.
Joe Messenger, Ventura, CA

The best Socal track events are definitely here. 50 car maximum and free photo CD included. Will never need to go elsewhere. So much run time at the track you need two sets of tires!
Payam H., Los Angeles

This last event was my second so far with Josh and speed district and every time we just have a blast!! Great friendly instructors who always checks up on the beginner drivers and makes sure we are feeling good about the track. We get more club members interested just because of the level of professionalism Josh and company display. Thank you again from Westcoastchallengers and other non challenger members that attend with us 🙂
Keep up the great job you all do and see you at the next event!!

Miguel Torres , Bakersfield

Dec 16 was my first time out with Speed District and it was a blast. I went with 8 of my friends and we all had plenty of track time. Lots of fun, good instructors and extremely safe environment. Will be back for more.
Nolan, Los Angeles

For my first track experience, I could not have asked for more. The event was beautifully organized, and the low car count meant LOTS of track time. The driving instructors were also great to have available. Thanks Josh - I will definitely be coming back!
Ryan Conversano, United States

WOW!!! what a great event, went out on Dec 16 th with some good friends from West Coast Challengers and had an amazing time. Hats off to Josh and his instructors for putting on a well organized event. I am looking forward to the next event at the track, if you have been considering to do this i would HIGHLY recommend it...you have plenty of track time and space on the track to run. Thanks again for the great time Josh, see you soon..
Michael, Torrance

First time out Dec. 16. I'm hooked!!! Well organized, from the instructors, meetings, times, the number of cars, and overall very nice group of people. Made me very comfortable. I am definitely adding this to my regular to-do list this year. Thanks Josh!!
Victoria, Willow Springs

My very first track day was at Buttonwillow Raceway Park over a year ago with Speed District. Josh is a very professional host, with a lot of experience with making people happy. The event is never overcrowded and uncomfortable. The drivers that come out to his events are very considerate, and willing to help and learn from others. I have gone to many track days now with SD, and will continue to keep going! Thanks Josh for being an awesome guy!
Jason Scheier, Los Angeles

Came back out to Willow springs with some friends and had another great day of racing. Smaller total group so we had a full day of racing by lunch. Josh & Jordan ran a very good event. Will be back again.
Nolan, Los Angeles

Other "popular" track events CRAM in as many cars as possible and make it look affordable. Josh's event is organized, TONS and TONS of track time, relaxed, great group of folks having good times. Definitely worth the money!
David C., Los Angeles

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