How does your schedule look?2020-04-07T01:23:08-07:00

Our schedule is very easy. We run three groups and each group goes on for 20 minutes per hour. The advanced group is always out at the hour. The intermediate group is always out 20 minutes after. Beginner group is always 40 minutes after. A hard schedule will be emailed to you prior to the event.

How do we purchase track insurance?2020-04-07T01:20:21-07:00

We recommend going with On-Track. Contact them at least one week in advanced.

I’m not sure which group I should be in, can you help me out?2020-04-07T01:18:30-07:00

This is probably the most common question that we get. With Speed District, you are not locked into a group. We recommend starting in a lower group, then after two sessions, feel free to switch to a group higher. We do not recommend starting in the faster group then dropping down to a slower group.

Also, your lap times do not dictate which group you should be in. The advanced group is open passing, which means people can pass you at any point. We would recommend reading this article regarding run groups.

Do you provide helmet rentals?2020-04-07T01:14:49-07:00

At Willow Springs & Buttonwillow we do have helmet rentals. The other tracks do not have that service available at the moment.

My vehicle broke down the day before the event, how do I get a refund?2020-04-07T01:13:51-07:00

No – Please review our cancelation policy. We need a written 7-day notice prior to the event to receive credit at a future event.

Do you guys sell sessions?2020-04-07T01:10:48-07:00

If you have been a Speed District client in the past, we allow you to purchase sessions once every six months. Limit two sessions per day and after 10 am.

Can two drivers split one registration?2020-04-07T01:09:28-07:00

No – registration is per driver. If you are sharing a car, you would need two different registrations.

Can I arrive and drive? Register on the day of?2020-04-07T01:08:13-07:00

Typically our events are sold out prior to the event date. We do not recommend the arrive and drive option since it does not guarantee you a spot. We limit our events at 70 drivers for the day.

Can I bring my own driving instructor/coach?2020-04-07T01:06:38-07:00

Yes – you may bring your own driving instructor or coach. They will have to sign the passenger waiver and will be given a band to be your passenger, it does not allow them to drive. There is no additional fee.

Do you guys allow passengers, if so, what age?2020-04-07T01:05:12-07:00

Yes – we do allow passengers. They must be over the age of 18 along with the proper safety gear.

I noticed the driver instruction package on the registration page, what does that mean?2020-04-06T21:24:13-07:00

The driver instruction package is a 20-minute session with one of our professional drivers. They will show you where to be on the track, the proper braking zones and ensure you are safe. We also have private coaching for the whole day available but the price is depending on availability. Contact us directly to schedule.

What is the age minimum to participate?2020-04-06T21:22:26-07:00

The minimum age to drive at our events is 18 years old.

Do you guys provide cars or we must bring our own?2020-04-06T21:19:06-07:00

No, we do not provide cars. You must bring your own vehicle.

Can I purchase a half day?2020-04-06T21:02:20-07:00

No, we do not do half day packages.


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